25 hectar of land, spreeded among olive trees and grapevines


This land of the Bierzo wich is surrounded by mountains, cause a climate accurate and soft, where a small seed under its blanquet, it causes a beautiful fruit of the most worthy dish...

This peacefully and fertile land, who has a special gift, owns a special nature to be a good land for everything you want. And from good to better…

We have a special charm, we are the 9th generation probably...

Without this character and kindness wouldn´t be possible to be part of the BIERZO.

We are small team, tiny but very important ones to our tasks. Our strength is placed in to have a unique character.

Our goal is innate and identical into us as well as in our wines.
We know the right path and we going to follow it straight with no deviation and of course not even the death will be able to give it us up of Him, because under this earth we will also be eternal...

Our values







They are our ingredients from which we feeding too, the same with our olive trees and grapevines, they are the grape juice, the land, they are us…
We mix together all this things as the result of our character and we put it into our bottles to benefit from all creature to came to this beautiful world to prove and to say he or she is alive.
We were born in this Bierzo land, wich is no better or worst, but different and loyal to our old roots and to yourself also. We always be in “Bierzo State” mode.

Good bless the Bierzo and its women whose give us wines and good men!!!