Drawing Oro de Bierzo

We have our own olive oil (AOVE).

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El Abredo

“El Abredo” is our plantation of 80 square meters in Pieros, and located inside the old fort called Castro Bergidum where is also placed the cellar, a small restaurant and a hotel. There, to complete this thematic tourist wine area; plot of land; gastronomy; for health and wellness, Victor, the soul of the proyect, planted 1.200 olive trees of Arbequina and Redondilla varieties in the year 2010 to manufactured our own olive oil.


In 2014, we picked up the first harvest of olive oil that became, by the artesanal way, into an excellent liquid gold, with 500 liters of the best olive oil nowadays in the 2016.

Our olive oil

The olive oil we have is 100% pure and handmade produced. For sale in a bottle of 250 ml is, by the way, the best option to breakfast and salads you can enjoy in our restaurant too.


Faithfully to our philosophy of improve the natural way of the landscapes and the unique qualities of the special products we have only that: because we are from the Bierzo.